Our Staff Handbook

The current handbook contains Goodwin College’s policies and practices that are in force at the time of publication. Please read this handbook thoroughly because this supersedes all previously issued handbooks, and any inconsistent policy statements.

As an employee, you are responsible for abiding by the College’s rules and policies. Further, Goodwin College reserves the right to revise, modify, delete and/or add to any and all policies, including but not limited to compensation, work content, benefits, employment practices or procedures described in this handbook at any time, with or without advance notice, at the College’s sole discretion. Your continued employment after any of these policy changes indicates your agreement with these policies. Please review this handbook regularly as policies and procedures may be refined throughout the year.

All Goodwin College employees are employed on an “at will” basis, which means that both you and Goodwin College have the right to terminate employment at any time for any reason or no reason, with or without cause and with or without notice.

This handbook may not contain all the information you will need during the course of your employment. As such, you may receive additional information and instructions from the College. If you have any questions regarding this handbook or any College policies, please direct your concerns to your supervisor or if they are not available, Human Resources.

Employees can expect that Goodwin College will:

What Goodwin College Expects From You:

Perform all aspects of your role, including:

Your Management Team

All employees are expected to work collaboratively and constructively to resolve concerns by leveraging your management team. You should first discuss concerns with the next level of the management team starting with your direct supervisor. If you still have concerns, you should then speak with the department head, followed by the Vice President. If you are uncomfortable speaking with your supervisors or believe it is inappropriate to speak with a specific individual on the management team, you should speak with the next level manager or contact Human Resources.

It is prohibited to bring a guest, whether internal or external, to a scheduled meeting with management or Human Resources without prior authorization.

We recognize that in the course of meeting with members of your management team, you may wish to take notes to document the discussion for future reference. That is permissible, however, recording the meeting using audio or video equipment is strictly prohibited without the express, written, and advance consent of Human Resources.