In addition, you are expected to make a reasonable attempt to speak with your supervisor to discuss outstanding work due that day and when you are expected to return to work. Reasonable attempts include calling during business hours and, if leaving a voice message, providing a phone number where you can be reached. Any other forms of contact, such as emails, text messages, or messages conveyed through co-workers, must be in addition to the phone call to your manager. Faculty who do not call or who are excessively tardy or absent will be subject to disciplinary action.

It is crucial for you to notify your supervisor as soon as you know you will not be coming to work. You are required to inform your supervisor at least one hour prior to your normal start time if you are sick or cannot make it to work. Failure to do so or repeated patterns of this behavior may result in serious consequences up to and including termination of employment. If you are absent for three consecutive working days without notice given to your supervisor, you will be terminated immediately.