Goodwin College Tuition Remission

Full-time Goodwin College employees are eligible for 100% tuition remission of any Goodwin College course, excluding selective admissions programs. This benefit extends to spouses and dependent children, including admission to selective admissions programs. In order to determine eligibility, you must submit a completed Tuition Remission Eligibility form to Human Resources, either for yourself or for your spouse/dependent child. The form must be submitted prior to the start of each semester in order to be considered for eligibility. The form can be found on the Goodwin Policy Website. If your employment with the College terminates, you or your spouse/dependent children may complete all classes in which currently enrolled.

A Tuition Grant is a tuition-only scholarship available to employees and their family members who enroll in an academic program at Goodwin College. Prior to receiving a tuition grant, the student must be accepted through the admissions procedures and file the federal financial aid application so as to be received by Goodwin College by the appropriate deadline. The amount of the tuition grant shall be the difference between tuition costs and any federal, state, or outside, private entity financial award for which the student qualifies. Program fees and supplies are the responsibility of the student. All courses under the tuition remission program are subject to space availability.

Employee Eligibility: You must complete at least six months of service. All participants must follow registration guidelines as set forth in the Goodwin College Catalog.

Failure to meet requirements will result in losing eligibility for one full academic calendar year

Spouse Eligibility:

Failure to meet requirements will result in losing eligibility for one full academic calendar year

Dependent Eligibility:

Failure to meet requirements will result in losing eligibility for one full academic calendar year

Exclusions: Programs that are excluded from this benefit for employees include those with selective admissions policies. Employees who are currently enrolled in any of the excluded programs as of July 1, 2014, will be allowed to complete their program provided that they do not lose eligibility. This program exclusion does not apply to spouses and dependent children of employees.

Policy Definitions

Spouse: Spouse means a husband or wife as defined or recognized under state law for purposes of marriage in the state where the employee resides, including "common law" marriage and same-sex marriage.

Dependent Child: A Dependent student is defined by FAFSA regulations. If a student is deemed dependent at the beginning of his/her program, and is progressing consistently and successfully, Goodwin College will continue to allow tuition remission for this dependent to complete his/her program of study even if the student’s dependency status changes before completion of that program of study.

Academic Calendar Year: A period of three-semesters including September, January, and May.

INC/NS Grades: In order to continue to be eligible for the tuition benefit for a future semester, you must also continue to meet all of the tuition benefit requirements such as not earning an F, UG or NS grade in any of your classes. In addition, should you earn an INC in any of your courses, your tuition benefit eligibility will be suspended until the INC grade is resolved. In the meantime, you would be responsible for all tuition and fees. If the INC grade is resolved satisfactorily, the tuition benefit would resume at that point (not retroactively) – for example, if you resolve the INC grade after the standard add/drop period for the first mod, you would only be eligible for the benefit for the second mod.