International Student Success: Nicholas Isaac

Goodwin College graduate Nicholas Isaac was born in Bahrain, lived there until completing high school, then moved to India where he earned a graduate degree. He decided to move to the US and began his education here in 2009. Nicholas earned his bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and an associate degree in Histology from Goodwin and is now following his passion for health care as a histology technician.

What was it like to be a part of the Goodwin community as an international student?

When I first came to the US, I enrolled in a community college to acquire credits in general studies. When the time came to pursue a degree, I wanted to attend a four-year college. I found Goodwin through an Internet search and chose it because of its convenient location and favorable cost of tuition. As an international student, I would have been required to pay out-of-state tuition fees for state colleges, but since Goodwin is a private institution, their tuition fees were fixed, so it was a better option for me.

Having been a part of the Goodwin community, I have a greater appreciation of what it has to offer, including a very diverse student population. As an international student, this made me feel welcomed and accepted into the community. I rarely, if ever, felt like an outsider in classes or at events. The integration of students from various backgrounds allowed me to interact with people who were different from myself and to learn cultural norms.

The teaching and administrative staff at Goodwin are exceptional. The teachers were always approachable, willing to assist students in reaching their goals, and would always go an extra step in addressing student concerns. I developed good relationships with my teachers, and I cherish the knowledge they passed on to me.

Goodwin College has helped me both professionally and personally. I was able to grow as an individual and appreciate those in my community. I remember having to complete a community service requirement for my bachelor’s degree by volunteering at a soup kitchen. Even though it was not related to my education, it was one of my most valuable experiences and gave me sense of achievement and belonging.

Another moving experience was the Goodwin Commencement ceremony. My family was able to travel to the US for the event, a memory I will cherish for a lifetime.

Tell us what you do in your current position.

I work as a histology technician for a medical laboratory that specializes in the diagnosis of cancers and cancer related diseases. Histology technicians, also called histotechnicians, are laboratory professionals who prepare tissue for microscopic examination. Some of the tasks of a histology technician include receiving and accessioning the tissue biopsy; processing the tissue through a series of chemical reagents; cutting fine sections of the tissue and mounting them on microscopic slides; and performing various types of tests on the tissue so that pathologists can make a clinical diagnosis. Histotechnicians should be organized, able to multi-task, and apply critical thinking skills to their work.

How did you find your current job? Did you use any of Goodwin resources?

I found my current employer through an internship during the final semester of my Histology degree. At the end of my bachelor’s degree in Health Science, I asked my program director if I might intern with the same laboratory. Through two summer internships, I learned how the laboratory operated and built a rapport with the laboratory staff and management. After completion of my bachelor’s degree, I used the Career Services offered by Goodwin College. They helped me update my resume and set up job interviews. My Histology program director notified me of any histology technician openings that she came across.

What are your tips for international students considering studying at Goodwin College?

Goodwin College provides a great educational experience in the US. Not only will you gain an exceptional level of education and training, but you will also develop a social and cultural appreciation of American society. International Student Services is aware of the challenges international students face, and they are available to assist and advise you every step of the way.

How did you feel Goodwin prepared you for your current role?

I did not have any previous training in Histology, so Goodwin College has played an integral role in my professional career. My bachelor’s degree in Health Science gave me a better understanding of health care and enabled me to interact effectively with laboratory and medical professionals. Goodwin College also makes it one of their goals to develop students’ critical thinking skills, and I now appreciate how valuable a skill set that is.

Do you have any advice for upcoming graduate looking for a job in the US?

Utilize the college resources as much as possible. Career Services is a department of dedicated individuals who make it their goal to place Goodwin graduates in their respective fields of employment. They take the time to get to know their students so that they can find them suitable positions. Career Services also conducts job fairs, where students meet with potential employers, network, and improve their chances of employment. Keep in touch with teachers and staff, even after you complete a course or degree. They may have leads to potential job vacancies. They know your educational performance and can aid in recommending you to an employer.

Most importantly, do not feel rejected and do not give up. You may experience some difficult interviews, especially at the beginning of your job search, but every new interview gives you the chance to improve yourself, gain confidence, and impress the employer.


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