International Student Success: Daraporn Manonam

Goodwin College ESL (English as a Second Language) student Daraporn Manonam is an international student from Chiangmai, Thailand. Daraporn — Dada for short — earned a bachelor’s degree in Thailand before coming to the United States to continue her studies.

What is your plan to continue your education?

I’m currently in Level 4 of the ESL program at Goodwin. After I complete ESL, I would like to get my associate degree in Nursing to gain the skills and experiences I need to continue on to a higher degree. I think the Nursing program at Goodwin is a great choice because it has flexible schedules and prepares you for an in-demand career.

Did you have any problems adjusting to life in a new city or college?

At first, I wasn’t able to write very well in English. After I finished Level 3 of the ESL program, I became a much better writer, both academically and in my everyday life. I didn’t have any problems adjusting to my new friends and professors — everyone at Goodwin has been so nice and helpful.

What advice would you give to international students who are considering Goodwin College?

Goodwin College is a great school. I have had the best experience as an international student here. The campus and academic buildings are clean, modern, and comfortable. Because of its convenient location, you can travel to New York City or Boston in just a few hours! The staff here is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions I have. The ESL program is preparing me to pursue higher education in the United States, and the program focuses on the skills I need to be successful.

For international students interested in the ESL program at Goodwin, I recommend going to the Goodwin College website to learn more and reaching out to International Student Services. They can answer any questions you may have and are ready to help you get started.

If you live internationally and would like to study at Goodwin College, please visit International Admissions for more information.