A Global Step Forward: Goodwin College Announces International Programs

Goodwin College is poised to expand its traditional commitment of serving a diverse student body from Connecticut and neighboring states — by going global in its recruitment efforts. The East Hartford-based school is reaching out to an international population by offering a variety of degree programs to students from abroad.

A great deal of thoughtful planning and flexibility has gone into accommodating the prospective international students.

“Goodwin academic programs and the supportive environment at the College are a strong and attractive offering for international students” says Michelle Kollen, Director of International Programs, who launched the international initiatives last fall. “We are looking for that right fit between the kind of international student who will benefit from our diverse, supportive environment and the degrees we have to offer, including English as a Second Language through our long established ESL Program.” International students can select from programs including Accounting, Business Administration, Child Study, CNC Machining, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Studies, Management and Leadership, Manufacturing Management, Quality Management Systems, Public Health, and Supply Chain and Logistics.

Goodwin president Mark Scheinberg envisions international students contributing new perspectives to the College community. In turn, those students will benefit from Goodwin’s mission to serve “a culturally diverse student population in an environment that builds bridges between education, commerce, and community.”

“Whatever part of the world a student comes from, the importance of self-worth is the same. The desire to acquire an education that leads to self-sufficiency and to feel a true member of a community is universal,” Scheinberg said. “We believe our international programs will have a significant impact in all these areas for our students.”

There are many methods and models for international student recruitment. Dan Noonan, Vice President for Enrollment Marketing and Communications, considers a variety of factors when creating awareness campaigns for attracting international students to Goodwin. “Technology has put immediate information at our fingertips, no matter what country we’re in. It’s just as easy for students half a world away to consider Goodwin College as an educational option as viable as a school in their own countries,” he explains.

“We have a surprising number of students from abroad enrolled at Goodwin. Their feedback tells us that our community culture supports and encourages them. Our new international programs are simply formalizing something that we believe we already do well,” Noonan adds.

Kollen agrees and is collaborating with colleagues to welcome the first cohort of international students going forward from the Fall 2017 academic session.  The Goodwin community, especially the Student Services team, intends to make the most of this phase of growth and development, for both the students and the College.

“Once these students are enrolled at Goodwin, they will need a strong support structure. Fortunately, we already have that in place through a very strong and committed Student Services team,” Kollen says. “We are well prepared to offer a spectrum of wrap-around support services to our international students, including academic advising, tutoring, housing, counseling, and acclimating to a new community and culture.”

For more information on the Goodwin initiative, including how to apply, go to the international programs webpages. Additional information is also available through SchoolApply, our international student recruitment partner. Michelle Kollen, Director of International Programs, can be reached directly at mkollen@goodwin.edu.