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Student Nurses Assocation


ARTICLE I - Goodwin College Student Nurses Association

Section 1.

The name of this organization shall be the Goodwin College Student Nurses Association.

ARTICLE II - Purpose and Function

Section 1. Purpose
  1. To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care.
  2. To provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students.
  3. To aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.
Section 2. Function
  1. To have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the education process.
  2. To influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate.
  3. To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards health care and the resolution of related social issues.
  4. To represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and other organizations.
  5. To promote and encourage students' participation in interdisciplinary activities.
  6. To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person's race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, lifestyle, disability or economic status.
  7. To promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health related organizations.


Section 1. School Constituent
  1. School constituent membership is composed of active or associate members who are members of the NSNA and the state association when one exists.
  2. Goodwin College Student Nurses Association shall be composed of at least 10 members from Goodwin College or the total school enrollment if less than 10. There shall be only one chapter on this school campus.
  3. For yearly recognition as a constituent, an officer of the Goodwin College Student Nurses Association shall submit annually the Official Application for NSNA Constituency Status which shall include the following areas of conformity: purpose and functions, membership, dues, and representation.
  4. A constituent association that fails to comply with the bylaws and policies of NSNA shall have its status as a constituent revoked by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors, provided that written notice of the proposed revocation has been given at least two months prior to the vote and the constituent association is given an opportunity to be heard.
  5. Goodwin College Student Nurses Association is an entity separate and apart from NSNA and its administration of activities, with NSNA and CT Nurses Association exercising no supervision or control over these immediate daily and regular activities. NSNA and CT have no liability for any loss, damages, or injuries sustained by third parties as a result of the negligence or acts of Goodwin Student Nurses Association or the members thereof. In the event any legal proceedings are brought against NSNA and CT Nurses Association, Goodwin College Nurses Association will indemnify and hold harmless the NSNA and CT Nurses Association from any liability.
Section 2. Categories of Constituent Membership

Members of the constituent associations shall be:

  1. Active members:
    1. Students enrolled in state approved programs leading to licensure as a registered nurse.
    2. Registered nurses enrolled in programs leading a baccalaureate degree with a major in nursing.
    3. Active members shall have all the privileges of membership.
  2. Associate members:
    1. Pre-nursing students, including registered nurses, enrolled in college or university programs designed as preparation for entrance into a program leading to an associate degree, diploma or baccalaureate degree in nursing.
    2. Associate members shall have all of the privileges of membership except the right to hold office as president or vice president at state and national levels.
  3. Individual members:
    1. Individual membership shall be open at the national level to any eligible student when membership in a constituent association is not available. Individual members shall have the privileges of membership as prescribed in NSNA bylaws.
  4. Active and associate membership shall be renewable annually.
Section 3.

Active and associate NSNA membership may be extended six months beyond graduation from a student's program in nursing, providing membership was renewed while the student was enrolled in a nursing program.


Section 1.

  1. The Annual NSNA dues for active and associate members shall be $30 per member, plus $5 per semester school dues, payable for the appropriate dues year. The dues year for membership shall be a period of twelve consecutive months./li>
  2. The annual NSNA dues for active and associate members joining for two years shall be $60 per member, plus $ 5 per semester school dues, payable for the appropriate dues years. The dues years for these members shall be a period of twenty-four consecutive months./li>
  3. The Goodwin College Student Nurses Association board of directors shall have the authority to change membership dues, providing such dues do not exceed the amounts set in these bylaws./li>
  4. National and state dues shall be payable directly to NSNA. NSNA shall remit to each state constituent the dues received on behalf of the constituent. NSNA shall not collect nor remit school chapter dues./li>
  5. Any member who fails to pay NSNA current dues shall forfeit all privileges of membership./li>
  6. NSNA does not collect school chapter dues; this is the responsibility of the Goodwin College Student Nurses Association

ARTICLE V. - Board of Directors

Section 1. Composition
  1. The Board of Directors will consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Projects Chairperson, Communications chairperson and Faculty Advisor.
Section 2. Responsibilities

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for:

  1. Transacting business of the association between membership meetings and shall report such transactions at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.
  2. Filling vacancies in any office by two-thirds majority vote of Board of Directors except the office of President. When presidency is vacant an election will held to fill the office
  3. Reviewing monetary disbursements, acquisitions and fund raising activities and shall be responsible for procuring persons for audit of all accounts on an annual basis.
Section 3. Quorum
  1. A quorum for the board meetings shall be at least three board members and one faculty advisor.
Section 4.

Duties of the Board of Directors shall consist of:

  1. President
    1. Shall preside at all meetings of this association, appoint special committee as needed, perform all other duties pertaining to the office and represent this association in all matters to the local state nurses association, the local league for nursing, state nursing student association, National Student Nurses' Association, and other professional and student organizations.
    2. Shall serve as chairperson of the Board of Directors
  2. Vice President
    1. Shall assume responsibility of the office of President in the event of the vacancy occurring in the office until the next regular election.
    2. Shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
    3. Shall assist the President as delegated and act as advisor to the President.
  3. Secretary
    1. Shall record and distribute the minutes of all meetings of this association as directed by the President.
    2. Shall keep on file as a permanent record all reports, papers and documents submitted to the Secretary.
    3. Refer to duly appointed committees the necessary records for the completion of business.
    4. Forward minutes to the state nursing student association board as well as the names and addresses of all officers and committee chairpersons after their election or appointment.
    5. Deliver to the newly elected Secretary all association papers.
  4. Treasurer
    1. Shall serve as chairperson of the budget/finance committee.
    2. Submit financial reports to the membership as directed by President.
    3. Prepare financial reports submitted at the monthly Board of Directors Meeting.
    4. Keep a permanent record of all dues received from members and any other income and expenses.
    5. Remit payment for approved debits according to the following:
      1. Disbursement of Funds
        1. Requests for disbursement of funds shall be made in writing to the Board of Directors.
        2. Upon approval the treasurer will issue checks for those requests approved.
        3. No funds will be disbursed without prior approval.
  5. Projects Chairperson
    1. Serves as chairperson of Projects committee.
    2. Attend student activities council meetings.
    3. Be accountable to the membership for notification of pending student activities.
  6. Communications Chairperson
    1. Submit articles to Goodwin College Student News.
    2. Submit association activities to school yearbook.
    3. Keep bulletin board up-to-date.
    4. Maintain web site as directed by the Board of Directors.
Section 5. Absences
  1. Members of the Board of Directors who have missed more than two regularly scheduled meetings of any current term year without prior notification to the Board of Directors and who offer no valid reason for such absences may be removed from office by a plurality vote of the current membership present at the next scheduled meeting. The officer in question will be notified in advance of the meeting.
  2. An officer may also be removed from office by a plurality vote of the members of the Board of Directors present at a meeting called for that purpose if that officer is deemed negligent in the functions of that office as stated in these bylaws.
  3. Prior notification of two weeks shall be given to the individual in question and a special Board of Directors meeting shall be held to review the circumstances.

ARTICLE VI - Elections

Section 1. Election of Board of Directors

  1. Elections shall be held at the annual business meeting.
  2. All elections shall be by secret ballot.
  3. A plurality vote of the members present (including absentee ballots) and entitled to vote and voting shall constitute an official election.
  4. In the event of a tie, a revote shall be held.
  5. All nominations shall be made from the floor.
  6. The Board of Directors has the right to call for nominations and an election as needed.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings

Section 1. Membership Meetings

  1. Meeting dates shall be set by a plurality vote of members present at each previous meeting.
  2. Meeting location and time will be voted on a approved by a plurality vote of members present and voting at each previous meeting.
  3. The President shall have the authority to convene a special meeting as such time as is deemed necessary and shall notify the general membership of such meeting, location, and time.

ARTICLE VIII - Committees

Section 1. Appointments
  1. Committee chair appointments shall be made by the Board of Directors and shall be deemed standing committees unless otherwise stated at time of appointment.
  2. Committee members shall be appointed by the committee chairperson or selected by the Board of Directors from a group of volunteers.
Section 2. Responsibility
  1. All committees shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for reporting committee activities on a regular basis and shall, upon direction of the Board of Directors, report same to the general membership.

ARTICLE IX - Delegates

Section 1. Purpose and Function
  1. To serve as spokesperson for this association at the annual state and national conventions.
  2. Present to the state and national organizations all proposed resolutions or amendments to bylaws or policies proposed by this association.
  3. Keep informed as to all current and proposed resolutions at the state and national levels and report information to this association's membership at regularly scheduled membership meetings.
  4. Make available to members updates, explanations, and copies of current and proposed state and national resolutions.
Section 2. Qualification and Appointment
  1. Any member maintaining a grade level of C or above, who is active in (school association) projects and is nominated by current membership at a regularly scheduled meeting is eligible to hold the position of delegate.
  2. Delegates will be chosen by clinical and academic faculty and the Nursing prgram director based on academic performance, clinical performance and student nursing association involvement.
Section 3. Delegate Representation
  1. School constituents: Goodwin College Student Nurses Association, when recognized as an official NSNA constituent, shall be entitled to one voting delegate and alternate at the NSNA House of Delegates, and in addition, shall be entitled to one voting delegate and alternate for every 50 members.
  2. The Goodwin College Student Nurses Association delegate(s) and alternate shall be a member(s) in good standing in the chapter and shall be selected and/or elected by members of the school chapter at a proper meeting according to chapter bylaws. The school association may designate an alternate delegate for each delegate by one of the following two mechanisms:
    1. Selection and/or election by members of the school chapter according to chapter bylaws; or
    2. Written authorization to the State Board of Directors requesting them to appoint a member of the State Board to act as a state-appointed alternate for their school chapter.School chapters shall approve the appointment.

      The State Board of Directors shall verify that any state appointed alternate is a member in good standing of the NSNA a and the state association.

      A school chapter must have a selected and/or elected delegate present at the NSNA Convention in order to have a state-appointed alternate seated in the House of Delegates.

      All alternates, whether school selected or state-appointed, shall have the same privileges as an elected delegate when seated in the House.

The school association shall be entitled to delegates according to the number of members in good standing in NSNA. Delegates shall be computed on the basis of the number of members in each constituent as evidenced by the annual dues received by NSNA on a date eight weeks prior to the annual meeting.

ARTICLE IX - Delegates

Amendments to the Bylaws may be made with a 2/3 vote of those present and voting at a membership meeting provided that notice of proposed amendments has been sent to members at least four weeks prior to the meeting. Only proper amendments submitted in writing and carrying the proponent's signature will be considered.

ARTICLE XI - Parliamentary Authority

All meetings of this association shall be conducted according to the parliamentary law as set forth in Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised where the rules apply and are not in conflict with these bylaws.