Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of Ed Casares, Homeland Security graduate

Ed Casares
2010 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient
Class of 2009, AS Homeland Security
Recognized for 30 years of service to the Hartford Fire Department and its 1st Latino fire chief

Fire Chief Edward Casares’s career with the Hartford Fire Department began over 30 years ago when the Department agreed to increase the number of Hispanic firefighters in the city as a result of a horrific incident. Within seven years of his hire, Casares had worked his way up to becoming an Arson Investigator; a position he held for over a decade, followed by a string of promotions from Fire Prevention Lieutenant to Fire Prevention Captain, and now, Fire Marshal. He is the first Latino to hold the Hartford office of chief. However, the most remarkable characteristic about Casares is the compassion he shows for his fellow man; be it firefighters or the underprivileged.

As Casares gained rank with the Hartford Fire Department, he leveraged his experience to promote exposure for fellow Hispanic firefighters. He is a founding member of the Society of Latin American Firefighters, twice serving as their president, and has been instrumental in assisting other Connecticut cities develop similar non-profit agencies for their firefighters. Casares has also served as vice president of the International Association of Hispanic Firefighters.

Casares is very active in the community, sitting on several boards, and serving as the commissioner and chairman of the Hartford Redevelopment Agency. He has also received several proclamations and was awarded with the 2006 Maria C. Sanchez Leadership award.

Goodwin College is honored to be associated with such a truly selfless and inspiring hero.