How to Download E-books

The Hoffman Family library subscribes to two eBook databases: ebrary® e-books and eBooks by EBSCOhost. These services allow users to read e-books online and, with some restrictions, download then to a desktop or device. Users can save or print PDFs of selections from the online interface: a few pages or a whole chapter, depending on rights restrictions determined by publishers and vendors. This guide will explain how to download full e-books to a few common reading devices.

To take advantage of all of the options, users must first create a free account for each database. Look in the top right corner of the page for something that says "Sign In" or "Create An Account" and follow the directions.

Desktops and Laptops

To download e-books to read on a computer, you must must first download Adobe Digital Editions. This application is free to download online.

When you are signed in and you have found the e-book you want to download, click "Download" and a file with the extension ".ascm" will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. The .acsm is not your actual eBook. It is just a link to your e-book that allows a program like Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader to download the actual book. That file will open in Adobe Digital Editions, which will then download the .PDF or .epub file -- this is the e-book.

You will be able to read the e-book until the loan period expires, at which point it will be automatically deleted from your hard drive. Loan periods vary greatly based on agreements between rights holders, publishers, vendors, and libraries.

Mobile Devices - Android and iOS

Both databases recommend Bluefire Reader, a free app for reading on Apple iOS and Android devices. Bluefire Reader for Android is available in the Amazon Appstore for Android, the Google Android Market, and many other Android markets. Bluefire Reader for iOS is available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Authorize Bluefire with the same Adobe ID you used for Adobe Digital Editions.

There are two ways to transfer e-books to devices.

Kindle Fire

As of this writing, Bluefire Reader is not available in the Kindle Fire App Store. The good people at Bluefire figured out "How to Install Bluefire Reader for Android on the Kindle Fire".

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the library and we will try to help.