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Today, manufacturing is cleaner, safer, and more efficient than ever.
CT has more than 4,000 manufacturers employing over 163,000 workers.
CT has the highest average annual pay per manufacturing employee in the nation.
Classes are offered days, evenings, and weekends.

Made for the makers.

You enjoy making things and have always been intrigued by how they are put together.

You are a problem solver who always comes up with solutions and gets results. You thrive in an environment where you are surrounded by innovation, technology, and growth.

With a hands-on approach to tackling complex problems, you will find the perfect fit for your skills with a degree or certificate from Goodwin College.

Manufacturing Management (Bachelor’s Degree)

With a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Management, you will gain the skills and knowledge that include an understanding of: the supervision of manufacturing processes, management of human and mechanical resources within budgetary and schedule constraints, and assurance of lean manufacturing processes, resulting in high quality products.

You will earn 121 college credits and along the way will have the opportunity to earn nationally recognized, portable credentials including: Certified Production Technician (CPT), Certified Logistics Associate (CLA), CPT-Green credential and the Certified Logistics Technician (CLT). View the curriculum for this program.

Quality Management Systems (Associate Degree)

Our associate degree in Quality Management Systems prepares students for employment in quality assurance and management. Not only will you learn the supervision of quality processes, you will also become skilled in the management of human and machine resources within budgetary and schedule constraints, along with the assurance in lean manufacturing processes. You will earn 61 college credits and along the way have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized credential from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) as a Certified Production Technician (CPT). View the curriculum for this program.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management (Associate Degree)

Our associate degree in Supply Chain & Logistics Management will provide you with working knowledge and organizational skills that can be applied to all manufacturing and logistics environments. You will be prepared to manage distribution, inventory, packaging, and warehousing in manufacturing environments.

You will earn 61 college credits and along the way have the opportunity to receive nationally recognized credentials from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) as a Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and as a Certified Logistics Technician (CLT). View the curriculum for this program.

CNC Machining (Associate Degree and Certificates)

Train to become a CNC Machinist - We teach you the skills industry employers are seeking: problem solving, safety, quality, production processes, machining maintenance, and teamwork. You also develop technical drawing, specification, and mathematical skills, while you learn about material properties and material processing in manufacturing. Combining classroom instruction and hands-on operation of our new CNC 3-axis milling and turning machines, you gain the knowledge and machining experience that is required to be successful in the field.

You will also gain an in-depth understanding of advanced Mastercam skills needed for programming tool location, motion, and feeds and speeds. Successful completion of this certificate program prepares participants to pursue a National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS) credential as a CNC operator.

Goodwin offers an associate degree in CNC Machining and an 18-credit and 30-credit certificate. View the curriculum for our CNC associate degree program.

Manufacturing and Logistics (Certificate)

In this 18-credit certificate program*, you will explore the exciting fields of modern manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, and be introduced to the concepts of logistics and supply chain and their relationship to local and global economies.

You will learn the basic principles and practices of a safe and productive manufacturing environment, as well as the principles of planning, production, and product distribution. Elements to be covered include understanding the product life cycle from conception through distribution. Other topics include inventory control, protective packaging, and customer service. Students will learn various aspects of warehouse operations management, including bar coding, radio frequency identification (RFID), Kanban, just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, inventory replenishments, and use of third-party logistics.

Learn the effective process planning that goes into product distribution and transportation, as well as management techniques including analysis of warehouse locations, operations, and management. Classroom instruction combines hands-on use and operation of logistic equipment — knowledge that is essential to success in the logistics field. View the curriculum for this program.

*This is not a direct enroll certificate.

Manufacturing and Production (Certificate)

This 18-credit certificate program introduces concepts of production and its relationship to the local and global economy. To your advantage, you will learn the basic principles and practices that industry employer's demand. With a strong focus on safety, quality, manufacturing processes, and equipment, our coursework will provide you with the skill-set needed for a promising future in the industry.

At Goodwin, our coursework is taught through a combination of hands-on interactive virtual computer simulation, group exercises and lectures. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared for testing as a Certified Production Technician, Certified Logistics Technician, and CNC Operator — respected credentials in the manufacturing industry. Along the way, you will also earn 18 college credits that can be applied to your continued education, including associate and bachelor's degree programs at Goodwin College. View the curriculum for this program.

Certified Production Technician (Credential)

Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) is the gold standard for certification of front-line manufacturing and logistics workers and offers the only two credentials in those industries which have been ANSI accredited under ISO Standard 17024. MSSC’s standards-based, industry-led national programs offer workers and students an opportunity to document their skills and knowledge, allow educators and training providers to meet the needs of the regional workforce and local industry, and provide employers with a pipeline of potential employees with a standardized set of core competencies.

The CPT Program is comprised of four modules:
  • Module 1: Safety
  • Module 2: Quality Practices and Measurement
  • Module 3: Manufacturing Process and Production
  • Module 4: Maintenance Awareness

These modules are delivered in a 15-week hybrid learning format.

Goodwin College offers an additional Green Production Certificate to those interested in green manufacturing.

Students who successfully complete the 4 modules will earn their CPT credentials from MSSC. Earning the CPT credential allows the award of 6 college credits to be applied to an Associate Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Manufacturing Management. These credits can be applied to continuing your education in our associate degrees and bachelor’s degree in manufacturing.

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*Source: CBIA, 2014 Survey of Connecticut Manufacturing Workforce Needs

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