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Whether you are currently enrolled in a Foundational section, ENG 101, or an advanced writing course, your English class is your point of entry into the complex, creative, and thrilling world of college-level thinking, research, and self-expression.

Questions like these drive our approach to teaching and learning. Your Goodwin English class will not only foster your technical literacy skills; it will also provoke you into considering familiar ideas from new perspectives, inspire you to imagine new possibilities, and empower you to share your insights with other thinkers.

At Goodwin College, ENGLISH means:


Our students use writing to participate meaningfully in ongoing dialogues of cultural, political, and scientific significance.


Our English faculty work with the program directors of Goodwin’s degree programs to ensure continuity and relevance between the English curriculum and students’ majors, and we partner with individuals, organizations, and employers in the community to gear our curriculum toward real-world situations.


Our students use writing to develop a planetary perspective on emergent issues of the twenty-first century, using communications technologies old and new to give a sense of immediacy to distant and far-flung issues.


Our students write for publication in local newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other media about political, economic, and environmental situations that affect their home towns, their neighbors, and their families.


Our English classes are dynamic settings in which students from diverse backgrounds share experiences, debate issues, and challenge one another to break through preconceptions and stereotypes. The focus of instruction is always the students, as individuals and as cooperative teams of thinkers.


Our instructors use computer technology and cutting-edge connectivity to integrate classroom learning with the global community, to make coursework accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds, and to eliminate pointless busy-work in order to ensure that every assignment is productive and meaningful.


We understand that learning is a fundamentally human activity that takes place between people, not only between instructors and students, but also among families, communities, peers, and colleagues. The goal of all writing, all communication, and all human activity is to build bridges between people. English classes at Goodwin College celebrate the languages, ideas, and dreams that bring us together as human beings.