Why You Can’t Miss a Social Work Internship in CT

If you are pursuing a social work degree, you have noticed that there are now plenty of environments for you to choose amongst this rewarding career path. Today, there are hundreds of different settings that need psychiatric assistance; so many, in fact, that you may be overwhelmed by choice.

We’ve previously discussed some of the top social work settings, and pursuing a social work internship can give you some much needed experience in one of these environments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 29 percent of those social workers were employed by state and local governments, 18 percent focused on individual and family services, 13 percent worked in ambulatory services, and the remaining in hospitals and residential care facilities. Social workers find employment in a wide variety of settings, including mental health facilities, schools, hospitals, social services agencies, group homes, nursing homes, drug treatment centers, or community health clinics.

While earning your social work degree, the hands-on, experiential learning opportunities provided through in depth medical assistant internships is an important part of developing the skill that can translate to a career in medical assisting. A social work degree could lead to a meaningful career as a case manager, community organizer, habilitation specialist, program manager/coordinator, mental health worker, or a number of other positions in social work.

Goodwin College offers two 6 credit, 200-hour internships comprised of generalist practice field work under the supervision of a social work professional. Weekly seminar sessions integrate knowledge, values, and skills gained from classroom instruction and the field experience. In addition, the seminar provides students with a forum where they can share their experiences in the field, learn about ways social workers function in different settings, work toward the development of increased self-awareness, receive additional knowledge to supplement their academic and field experience, and learn to mutually support one another.

We have placed students in rewarding internships all over the state, leading to rewarding careers for our students!

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