Certificate - Manufacturing and Production

Enrollment into this certificate is by Departmental Permission only.

Technical certificate programs provide education in conceptual and technical skills for specific occupations. Many available manufacturing jobs require advanced education beyond the high school diploma. This certificate content is designed to develop competency in the comprehension of general technical skills. It includes the introduction to the modern manufacturing environment and credentials from MSSC as Certified Production Technician (CPT) and/or the CPT Green, Lean Manufacturing, teamwork, communications and the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining introductory course.

Admissions Requirements

Students entering a direct enroll certificate program in Manufacturing and Production must take the Accuplacer assessment if they have not successfully taken 6 college credits, including a college level-English or math. The Accuplacer is used for assessment purposes only and not for determining prerequisites for program enrollment. Students who have completed the equivalent of ENG 101 and CAP 110, as well as show a math proficiency, are more likely to find success in these certificate programs. Students not meeting the recommended Accuplacer levels are encouraged to take tutorials in English, math and computer literacy before starting course work in a certificate. Students cannot place into ENG 088 and be enrolled in certificate programs.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all the graduation requirements as stated in the catalog.

Manufacturing and Production

First Semester

BMM 101

Key Principles of Manufacturing


OS 101

Team Dynamics and Individual Skills


Second Semester

BMM 110

Technology in Advanced Manufacturing


OS 210

Organizational Communication


Third Semester

BMM 135

Green Manufacturing OR


BMM 210

Lean Manufacturing Principles


BMM 175

CNC Machining


Total Credits in the Certificate