Certificate - CNC Machining

This 30-credit certificate program is for the student whose intention is to be hired as a CNC machinist in industry after completing the program. The thirty credits earned for this certificate may also be used as a track to the fulfillment of the requirements of the BS Degree in Manufacturing Management. In this certificate program, the student is introduced to the basic manufacturing skills of teaming, problem solving, safety, quality, production processes, and machining maintenance, while being provided with the classroom and hands-on machining skills needed for CNC machining. The student will develop technical drawing and specification skills, introduction to, and advanced CNC machining skills including machining applications, and the mathematics they will require. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of Mastercam needed for programming tool location, motion, and feeds and speeds. The student will learn about material properties and material processing in manufacturing. In addition to class lectures, this program will provide the student with hands-on CNC/CAM experience. Laboratory sessions are coordinated with the lectures and emphasize experimentation and application of the lecture content. Successful completion of this certificate program prepares participants to pursue a National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS) credential as a CNC operator.

Admission Requirements

Students entering a certificate program in CNC Machining must take the Accuplacer assessment. Students who have completed the equivalent of MATH 097, ENG 101, and CAP 110 are more likely to find success in these certificate programs. Students must place in college-level math or successfully complete Math 097 in order to enter the CNC Machining certificate. Students who do not meet these minimum standards may be conditionally enrolled at the discretion of the CNC Program Director.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all the graduation requirements as stated in the catalog.

First Semester

BMM 101

Key Principles of Manufacturing (CPT)


BMM 220

Materials and Processes in Manufacturing


BMM 140

Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics


BMM 175

CNC Machining I


Second Semester

BMM 110

Technology in Advanced Manufacturing (CPT)


BMM 222

Technical Drawings and Specifications


BMM 240



Third Semester

BMM 241



BMM 275

CNC Machining II


BMM 276

CNC Machining Applications


Total Credits in the Program