Certificate - Advanced School Safety and Security

The Advanced School Safety and Security Certificate will provide individuals with an advanced understanding of risks that could affect the safety and security of schools and appropriate safety management strategies. With school emergency situations becoming more frequent, it is important to support law enforcement officials, security professionals, educators, and education administrators with the knowledge and skill set on how to prevent tragedies and assess risks. This certificate places a special emphasis on helping you build the mindset and skill set to take on more responsibility for keeping schools safe.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduate will be able to:

1. Identify the principles of school safety planning including the evolving threats to school security.

2. Complete a school security assessment as a risk management tool for reducing crime and violence threats, security risks, and potential liabilities.

3. Develop a proactive emergency management plan including prevention-mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

4. Describe the components of a post crisis plan to include managing the media and parent communication; mental health services for first responders, victims, and families; financial implications; liability issues; and operational continuity.

Admission Requirements

Complete the application for admission into Goodwin College.


Students who have earned 15 college credits in Criminal Justice, Education, or a related area are eligible to complete coursework for the Advanced School Safety and Security Certificate.

Students who complete the School Safety and Security Certificate are eligible to earn the Advanced School Safety and Security Certificate, which would require completion of an additional 6 credits; specifically PSS 360 and HSR 312.

Any exceptions to the above requirements must be recommended by the Program Director and approved by the Department Chair and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, certificate students must complete all of the listed courses, earn a minimum grade of C-, and have a cumulative GPA pf 2.3


The certificate will be awarded to students who have completed all of the following courses:

Advanced School Safety and Security Certificate

First Semester

HSM 112

Introduction to School Safety and Security


HSM 103

Emergency Planning: Response, Preparedness, and



Testing for Critical Incidents


PSS 360

Risk Reduction through Environmental Design


Second Semester

HSR 312

Youth: Challenges and Interventions


HSM 235

Principles of Personal and Physical Security


HSC 102

CPR/First Aid and Basic Crisis Intervention




Total Credits in the Certificate