BMM 350 - Six Sigma Green Belt Training


Students will organize, prepare, plan, and execute problem solving approaches using Six Sigma methods structured under the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) framework. Students will Define the problem using project selection, scoping, planning and SIPOC tools. The Measure phase will consist of QFD, Measurable CTQ's, Sampling (Data quantity and Data quality), Measurement System Analysis, Statistical Process Control, and Capability Analysis. The Analyze phase will encompass Graphical tools, Management and Planning Tools (Affinity, ID, etc.). Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Regression, and Conceptual designs in DFSS. The improve phase will capture Design of Experiments (DOE), Piloting of DMAIC improvements, FMEA, Mistake Proofing, and DFSS Design Tools. The Control phase concludes the approach with developing Control Plans, SPC, and Piloting new Designs. Lean tools to identify waste and drive continuous improvements will include Value Stream Mapping, 8 Wastes identification, and visual management tools including 6S and TPM. (F,Sp,Su)