Repayment Solutions

The Repayment Solutions team at Goodwin College promotes financial literacy to prospective and current students as well as alumni. During the admissions process, all students are encouraged to meet with a loan repayment counselor who provides them with basic resources as starting points for financial education and student loan repayment success. The department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and students are always welcome to come in with questions. Appointments are not needed.

In addition to our on-campus resources, Repayment Solutions also works in partnership with Inceptia, a non-profit organization providing premier expertise in default prevention and debt management in relation to student loans. Together with Inceptia, we identify students needing immediate, short-term and long-term student loan management guidance. We have partnered with Inceptia to help students explore a wide variety of student loan management possibilities.

Throughout a student’s federal loan repayment cycle, our partnership with Inceptia and with our students emphasizes our mutual commitment to student loan repayment success.