OS 310 - Positive Mentoring


This course is designed to assist students in understanding the foundational knowledge and skills in being effective mentors or mentees in any occupational setting. Students will review best practices for specific mentoring strategies, develop effective communication skills for ensuring success of knowledge/skill transfer, understand the importance and benefits of diversity in a mentoring relationship given generational, cultural, and gender differences, and explore effective means for conflict resolution through teachable moments. Throughout the course, students will gather useful strategies and resources for both themselves and their potential mentees for effective relationship development and sustainability. Students will develop a mentor resource manual for an organization (for-profit or nonprofit) that includes: potential policies/procedures, communication strategies for mentors, assessment initiatives to gauge mentoring success, conflict management strategies, how to address mentorship within a diverse organization, and a guide to effective strategies for developing teachable moments. This resource manual will serve as a foundational guide for mentors and mentees as they work to develop and foster relationships within an organization. (F, Sp, Su)