How Transfer Credit Affects SAP

From Another Institution: All transfer credit that is accepted towards a student’s academic program or major will be counted as both credits attempted and credits earned for purposes of the rate of completion and maximum timeframe calculations. Grades for these transfer courses are not used to calculate CGPA.

Internal Transfer (Change of Program): Every course a student takes at Goodwin College remains on the transcript and is used to calculate the CGPA. In general, all courses attempted at Goodwin will count as both credits attempted and credits earned for the SAP calculation. The only exception to this policy is for students who transfer to a new program under the Second Chance Program (refer to that catalog section for more information).

This program is not considered academic amnesty, rather a way for students to transfer to a new program that is a better fit for their skills and interests. Students with this type of program transfer will have their SAP calculated only for courses applicable to the new program of study.