HSR 425 Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation

3 credits (PREREQUISITES: BUS 107 and HSR 101)

This course is designed to prepare students to identify unmet human needs, problems and barriers to quality of life and to conceptualize services and interventions that could address them. Students will learn to conduct needs assessments, design programs and services to meet those needs, identify funding sources and how to secure funding, develop budgets, plan for staffing requirements, and understand legal, regulatory, policy and procedural issues pertaining to the development and operation of a program. In addition, students will learn methodologies and techniques to design, implement and utilize systems for evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency, goals relating to the process and outcomes of the program and other indicators of program success. In addition, students will understand how to identify the various stakeholders of the program, how to obtain and utilize feedback from them, and how to effectively communicate program results to them. (Su)