HSR 325 Case Management: Principles and Practices

3 credits (PREREQUISITES: HSR 225 and HSR 230)

This course covers the range of functions associated with case management in human services settings. Topics include service planning, needs assessment, referral procedures and follow-up and integration of services. Upon completion, students should be able to effectively manage the care of the whole person from initial contact through termination of services. Students will learn to integrate and utilize information obtained through intakes, assessments, and from other service providers to determine client needs and develop service plans. Emphasis will be placed on designing interventions based on the goals of those receiving services and evaluating the outcomes of the service provided. Organizing and documenting information will be covered as well as the written and oral presentation of that information to all relevant stakeholders. Students will develop skills in managing multiple aspects of human service interventions in dual roles of coordinator and provider of direct services. Coordination with and referral to other service providers will be addressed and the role and importance of professional ethics will also be incorporated. (F, Sp, Su)