HSR 225 Interviewing, Intake and Information Management

3 credits (PREREQUISITE: HSR 101)

This course will provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts and methodologies of gathering, assessing and integrating relevant information concerning prospective clients in order to determine eligibility and facilitate admission to services. Students will study and apply various interviewing, intake and assessment techniques specifically used in the human services field as well as topics relevant to interviewing, such as confidentiality, recording of interviews and nonverbal communication. Students will learn the scope and variety of information that is collected and utilized in the delivery of basic human services as well as methods of determining the adequacy, appropriateness, accuracy and relevance of information, including information obtained from other sources. Ethical behavior related to conducting intakes and assessments will also be addressed. Both practical and theoretical perspectives will be examined in this course. (F, Sp, Su)