PSY 340 - Psychology of the Exceptional Child

3 credits (PREREQUISITE: PSY 112)

This course is designed to promote child development and learning by familiarizing students with the characteristics and needs of all exceptional learners. A continual introduction of terms and concepts within a more narrowly defined topic area with discussions of videos, case studies, and presentations of the review of related literature pertaining to exceptional children will be engaged. These activities will add to the emergence of terms and concepts associated with special education. The concept of Inclusion as a means of educating students with special needs will be deeply discussed and students will become familiar with the historical events and social reform that laid the background for this method of instruction. Students will have opportunities to ponder opposing viewpoints on special education issues. Students will investigate the use of drugs as a means of curbing inappropriate conduct of students with special needs and recognize symptoms, modify environments, and plan appropriately so that children can be successful. A large focus of this course will be on community outreach and family involvement. Cross-referenced with ECE 340. SS (Su)