Enrollment Services

Nicholas Lentino, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services

Glenn Black, Applicant Advisor

Shea Bridenbeck, Admissions Officer

Monica Carbone, Admissions Officer

Janet Concatelli, Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Curry, Special Projects Manager

Reece D'Angelo, Applicant Advisor

Bobella Daley, Admissions Manager

Andrea Delisser, Admissions Officer

Laura Duquette, Admissions Reservation Center Representative

Eric Emet, Director of Student Retention and Athletics

Cristher Estrada-Perez, Admissions Officer

Angela Gaudet, Admissions Reservation Center Supervisor

Bridget Gavin, Admissions Reservation Center Representative

Meredith Girardi, Admissions Officer

Emilee Gitberg, Admissions Officer

Susan Hogan, Academic Community Liaison

Lori Jarvis, Admissions Coordinator

Kathryn Lather, SNAP Intake Facilitator

Lisa Lawrence, Admissions Officer

Chasity Levine, Admissions Reservation Center Representative

Kimberly Nadeau, Admissions Manager

Paula Nixon, Admissions Officer

Carisa Sanchez, Admissions Coordinator

Johanna Serrata, SNAP Intake Facilitator

Soledad Soltren, Admissions Reservation Center Representative

Matthew Welles, Applicant Advisor

Molly Westfall, Admissions Officer

La’Shunda Williams, SNAP Intake Facilitator

Daniel Williamson, Director of Admissions

Caryn Zelazo, Applicant Advisor