PHIL 105 - Ethics, Values, and Cultural Competence in Human Services


This course will acquaint students with the professional and ethical issues that affect human service practitioners. Codes of ethics from various human service professional organizations will be studied and the course will also explore the role and importance of civility and values as they relate to providing services to people. In addition, students will develop an understanding of cultural competence and the need to reflect it when working with typical populations served by human service professionals. Other topics that will be studied include conscious use of self, clarification of values, awareness of diversity, choosing the least intrusive intervention in the least restrictive environment, client self-determination, confidentiality of information, recognition of the worth and uniqueness of the individual including culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, abilities, sexual orientation, and other expressions of diversity, and, belief that individuals, services systems, and society can change. CU E/P (F, Sp, Su)