HSR 108 - Introduction to Disability Studies


This course provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of disabilities and will examine the social, cultural, economic, environmental and political forces that for years have served to marginalize and oppress people with disabilities. Through readings, lectures, films, guest presentations, assignments and group discussions, students will learn about the history of disability studies, gain familiarity with disability organizations, services and policies, and analyze cultural attitudes and practices regarding people with disabilities. Topics include disability rights, relevant federal and state legislation and policies, legal and ethical issues, the delivery of services and support to people with disabilities, federal and state programs for persons with disabilities, disability culture and advocacy. Physical, emotional, mental and social dimensions throughout the lifespan will also be explored. Individuals with disabilities comprise approximately one-fifth of the total population of the Unites States and a greater understanding of disability is important professionally regardless of the field in which a professional plans to work. (F, Su)