EDU 122 - Instructional Skills and Strategies


This course will demonstrate to students how the art and science of teaching come together in an effective classroom. Students will learn the methodology of instructional techniques, including observation, evaluation, and reporting skills. Students will be introduced to the elements of teaching, including educational goals and objectives, the components of an effective lesson plan, how to manage small and large group instruction and the techniques for observing and recording students’ performance. This course provides guidelines for establishing safe environments, room arrangement, accident prevention procedures, and sanitation guidelines. Students will examine the liability issues associated with childcare. This course will provide objectives for developing health policies, controlling disease, establishing proper nutrition, and responding to children’s special health concerns. Emphasis is placed on writing objectives, activities goals, program goals, lesson plans, and creating thematic ideas. This class will provide an up-to-date review of teacher planning, teaching methods, and assessments. (Sp)