Computer Literacy Requirement

Students at Goodwin College, and later when they enter the workforce, will be called upon to demonstrate competency with an increasing variety of computers and computer software. Because computers and their applications are so diverse and change so rapidly, no one is completely computer literate. However, the term "computer literacy" usually refers to basic skills of use to the students and graduates, no matter what their field of study. Goodwin College is committed to providing its degree students with these basic computer competency skills. Therefore, all degree students at Goodwin College must demonstrate basic computer competency prior to graduation.

Students may fulfill this requirement in one of the following ways:

  1. Complete a Goodwin College course, that has a Computer Literacy (CL) Competency designation, with a “C-“ or better; or
  2. Demonstrate existing computer competencies by completing a Credit by Examination (CBE) test provided by Goodwin College; or
  3. Transfer in credit from another college that is equivalent to a Computer Literacy course; or
  4. Provide documentation of MOS or MCAS Specialist certification on Microsoft 2007, 2010 and/or 2013 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Regardless of the means used to satisfy the computer literacy requirement, students must demonstrate:

  1. Basic familiarity with computer hardware, operating systems, and file concepts;
  2. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel; and
  3. Working knowledge of the Internet, social media and electronic mail.

Students are encouraged to complete the computer literacy requirement early, preferably in the first semester.