Academic Placement Evaluation

The purpose of placement evaluation is to ensure that the skills of incoming students are uniformly evaluated, that students are placed in courses appropriate to their academic preparation, and that courses and other academic and student support services which allow students to develop to their full potential are made available. Goodwin College uses the ACCUPLACER™ test for placement evaluation. ACCUPLACER™ scores are valid for one year from the date they were taken.

Challenge/Retakes - One Time Only

Students may challenge their English or math scores only once for any reason. A student may challenge math by retaking either the Math or Algebra portion of the test.

If a student retakes a test and scores lower, the highest score can be used in placement.

Test Waivers

Students do not have to take the ACCUPLACER™ if they produce an official college transcript that indicates that they:

Or if they are a recent high school graduate and can produce:

SAT and ACT scores can be used for three years; after three years a potential student must take the ACCUPLACER™. The ACCUPLACER™ is used to assess a student’s readiness for college-level work. Any student who places into English 088 will be enrolled in the Goodwin Achievement Program. Other placement decisions should be made in collaboration with the student’s applicant advisor.

Re-Enrollment and Accuplacer Expiration

Student ACCUPLACER™ scores can be used for one year from the official withdrawal date. After one year, a student must retake the test and be placed according to the current college guidelines.

Please note: Students placing into Foundational English courses will need permission from their advisor to register for any college level course work.