Notification of Awards

Students are advised of grants, loans, and institutional scholarship amounts in award notices, which are provided online and also given to new students when processing is complete. These awards are based on information from the FAFSA application, which may be estimated and subject to change. Students are encouraged to view their award for the current semester by accessing the NetPartner website. On the Awards tab of NetPartner, the student may also view the Financial Aid Disclosure sheet (commonly referred to as the Shopping Sheet), which will outline their total charges and gift aid for the entire award year. Federal and State awards are not final until the information reported on the FAFSA application has been verified as accurate by the Financial Aid Office. The award notice is for one academic year (2 semesters) and outlines the types and amounts of aid offered. All new and revised award notices must be acknowledged by the students in one of the following manners: giving Goodwin College permission to accept the awards for them, signing the award notice, or accepting the awards on NetPartner. The parent of a dependent student who borrowed through the PLUS program must sign the award notice.

This notification represents the most equitable offer based upon the information provided and the funds available to the college. The availability of funds from Federal and State programs is subject to federal and state appropriations and to changes in Federal and State legislation and regulations.

When their financial circumstances change, students are expected to notify the Financial Aid Office so that adjustments on the award package can be made. When outside awards are received, the student is required to notify the Financial Aid Office to ensure that these awards are credited to the student and to adjust need-based aid where mandated by Federal and State law.

Students should direct any questions related to financial aid at Goodwin College to the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office has extensive information on specific financial aid programs and federal and state regulations. Before adding or dropping a course, transferring programs, withdrawing from a program or beginning a medical withdrawal, students must check with the Financial Aid Office regarding any financial charges or penalties involved.

Questions regarding procedure or awards should be directed to the Financial Aid Office, Goodwin College, One Riverside Drive, East Hartford, Connecticut 06118. (860) 727-6723.