Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center seeks to promote and foster student learning and development by providing individual and group tutoring for Goodwin's foundational and college-level courses.

The Academic Success Center will help students identify strategies that enhance students understanding of concepts, while developing critical thinking and study skills ultimately improving the students’ ability to successfully complete a course.

The Academic Success Center provides students with consistent support and guidance throughout the learning process and encourages students to be actively involved in their learning. Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class. Students should regularly attend class and come prepared to participate in their own learning.

In addition to general tutoring, the Academic Success Center is focused on the development of Writing Skills. Writing Tutors are available to assist students through the process of writing on a walk-in and appointment basis. In addition to proofreading, tutors will offer critical feedback about writing, answer questions and guide students to available resources. Students are encouraged to come into the center to receive assistance, study, work on assignments and ask questions as they arise. All writing tutors are Professional tutors. Additionally, The Academic Success Center is equipped with computers that students may use anytime the Academic Success Center is open. Students are strongly encouraged to use these computers to work on assignments. Please see the Academic Success Center website for more information: