Student Services

Sandy Wirth, Assistant Vice President /Dean of Students

Angela Skyers, Assistant Dean of Students

Giovanna Cammuso, Social Worker

Lee Hameroff, Director of Career Services

Aaron Isaacs, Director of Educational Opportunities Programs

Eric Emet, Director of Student Retention

Frank Ruotolo, Office Manager, Applicant Advising

Marc Limata, Applicant Advisor

Paden Livingston, Applicant Advisor

Joe Cary, Disability Services Coordinator and Applicant Advisor

Glenn Black, Applicant Advisor

Jessalyn Michaels, Applicant Advisor

Katie Anderson, Health & Natural Science Academic Advisor

Catie Grosso, Health & Natural Science Academic Advisor

Stephanie Kirkendall, Health & Natural Science Academic Advisor

Kaprece Smith, Health & Natural Science Academic Advisor

Nicole Miller, Student Engagement Coordinator

Qiona Woffard, Student Support Coordinator

Tyesha Wood, First Year Coordinator

Surbhi Patel, Academic Success Center Coordinator

Laura Donner, Academic Success Coordinator

John Walters, MOVE and WISE Consultant

Latanya Kennedy, WISE Coordinator

Eran Peterson, Career Counselor

Manny Sanchez, Employer Relations Coordinator

Beverly Carter, Administrative Assistant

Tanya Williams, Administrative Assistant